Apparently, it is difficult to find a person nowadays who doesn’t take a photo or video camera when they set off for a journey, even if it is a short trip. You can imagine how many items we need in a long and distant journey round the world to shoot our documentary and clips, take pictures of everything we see on our way and record music. To do everything mentioned above, a lot of equipment is certainly required. So, what exactly do we have?

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Photo and video

We have two cameras: Canon 100D with which we normally take photos and Canon 70D which we use to shoot video. These cameras were provided to us by Canon Ukraine, and we are really grateful for that. We use four lenses: two zooms, one wide-angle and one kit 18-55 mm.

We love these cameras, because we can adjust both of them to our needs. Canon 100D is the lightest reflex camera in the world, it is perfectly suitable for cyclists who would like to get high quality photos. Canon 70D, being a bit heavier, suits best for shooting top quality videos. We use Rode SVM stereo condenser microphone with this camera. All videos shot during our expedition by the camera and with this microphone you can watch on our Youtube channel.

For quick shots or filming during cycling we use GoPro, which is very popular among travelers and tourists due to its compact size and rather good videos and photos.

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Sound equipment

To make quality sound records we have, apart from the mentioned above stereo condenser microphone, a stereo recorder Zoom H1 (Volodia is a professional sound engineer, so quality of recordings matters to him).

We often found ourselves in unpopulated locations or places with poor energy supply, so we need to have extra energy sources for all our equipment. It is understandable that for each camera we have a spare battery, but we also have a universal battery, i.e. a 23000 mAh power bank. We charge it once in a while by plugging in a socket, but it can also be charged from sun energy, though it takes more time. Although this gadget is relatively heavy, it allows us to charge all our equipment several times and we can charge even the laptop. We also have two lightweight laptops, which we desperately need to carry out the “Two-wheeled Chronicles” project.

A lot of gadgets such as flashlights, the Zoom recorder, laptop mice and even the backpacking stove run on AA batteries. In order not to spend money on new AA batteries we took enough rechargeable batteries and can charge them from the mentioned above power bank even in the jungles.

And, of course, a cyclocomputer and a smartphone (with GPS).

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These are some specific devices which we have to process music and maintain concerts: Philips SB5200 portable speaker, Korg Nanokey midi keyboard, AKG K77 headsets.

And that’s about all. Lots of stuff to carry for cyclists, you may say. Fair enough. Moreover, we wouldn’t recommend taking all of the equipment if you set off for an average cycling trip which doesn’t presuppose some other particular job. We suggest taking a small and light camera which can be also used to shoot video and a spare battery. If you are heading to deserted locations and in a hot season, a small and light solar panel will be of use to you. Our choice is Ukrainian make Kvazar which we used in our previous expeditions. It can charge a camera, mobile phone and any other gadgets.

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Remember: whatever equipment you take with you always use it creatively, this will make the whole process more interesting and inspiring.