Black and White Stories – one of the furthest ethnographic bike expedition of Folknery. The old wish to see the Northern land firsthand successfully coincided with the idea to join by a bike route two seas, two “opposites”: the warm Black and the cold White seas.

The travel happened during spring and summer 2013. With a start in Odessa, in 65 days Volodymyr and Yaryna (the part of the route – Yulia) passed 3500 km by the roads of Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia and Finland by bikes. As a result – hundreds of songs and stories recorded, dozens of hours of recorded video for the next film and… the only world specimen of Black-White sea in a jar.


Route lenght
3500 km (2,175 mi)
Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Finland
May - July 2013
Volodymyr Muliar, Yaryna Kvitka
Yulia Sovershenna has been the third team member for the portion of the route from Odessa to Kyiv.