On the 20th of February 2016 we have successfully finished our cycling expedition from Ukraine to Australia. That took us 17 months to complete. Starting from the very heart of Ukraine, Kyiv’s Maidan, we aimed to share its spirit, songs, symbols and stories and spread them around the world by passing these to the people we meet on our way.


…and beyond

We’ve achieved what was planned. Behind us are 25000 km and 13 countries. But now we don’t want to stop and plan to continue our journey and turn it into a CYCLING TRIP AROUND THE WORLD!

When we reached Australia, our baby boy, Marko, was born in Sydney. He is now 8 months old, is healthy and developing wonderfully. The 3 of us are planning to continue our journey in January of 2017, with the second portion of our expedition going through Eastern Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Throughout the trip, directly in the atmosphere of cities, villages and nature of each country, we plan to record songs in our own performance and in cooperation with local musicians who we will meet on our way  (we will have musical instruments and sound recording equipment with us). A lot of songs on the background of the world sounds will unite all countries of our route in the future new album of our band Folknery.

Route length
50 000 km (31 000 mi)
Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, countries of East Asia, North and South America, Europe.
Volodymyr Muliar, Yaryna Kvitka, baby boy Marko
Best moments from cycling trip from Ukraine to Australia 2014-2016
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