What musical instruments and equipment do we have?

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We took two small drums in our round-the-world journey. To be more precise, one of them is a metal Turkish darbuka, which we have had from the beginning of our journey, another one – a traditional wooden Nepalese drum – we bought in Katmandu, where they are widespread and can be found at any music […]

A volcano, scooters and creative work on Bali, “an island of paradise” (№44)

Around the World (2014-2018) Videos

Climbing a volcano, riding a scooter and making a music video were among the main things that Folknery were doing on Bali while they were arranging visas to the last country of the bicycle trip – Australia.

As we were “stars” in Indonesia (№41)

Around the World (2014-2018) Videos

Cycling from Sumatra to Java, we get the attention of local media, give concerts in clubs and entertain kids by telling them about Ukraine.

Art hangout in Yangon and exotic Burmese train (№33)

Around the World (2014-2018) Videos

After tough Arakan Mountains we had a rest in Yangon for a couple of days. Meeting with old friends and getting acquainted with new ones, staying for night at the art gallery, night walks in a beautiful city – it all happened in Yangon. Having experienced exotic ‘trash’ in train, we’re on the road again. Heading for Thailand!

The first real challenging experience and the first concert during our expedition (№2)

Around the World (2014-2018) Videos

Cycling through autumn Bulgaria. It’s proven to be more difficult this time of the year than we had thought. However, knowing that friends were waiting for us in Varna gave us the strength to overcome the bad weather.

Two-wheeled Chronicles – The Start

Around the World (2014-2018) Videos

Everything begins with an anthem! And so does the cycling expedition to Australia. Ukraine begins with Maydan. And so does the cycling expedition to Australia.