What kind of photo, video and audio equipment do we take in our journey?

Around the World (2014-2018) Articles

Apparently, it is difficult to find a person nowadays who doesn’t take a photo or video camera when they set off for a journey, even if it is a short trip. You can imagine how many items we need in a long and distant journey round the world to shoot our documentary and clips, take […]

What musical instruments and equipment do we have?

Around the World (2014-2018) Articles

We took two small drums in our round-the-world journey. To be more precise, one of them is a metal Turkish darbuka, which we have had from the beginning of our journey, another one – a traditional wooden Nepalese drum – we bought in Katmandu, where they are widespread and can be found at any music […]

Folknery’s guide to long-distance cycling expedition equipment (№28)

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Participants of a cycling expedition ‘Two-wheeled chronicles 6’ are talking about their bicycles and equipment, about everything one needs to get from Kyiv to Sydney by bike.