It goes without saying that when you set for a long journey, be it cycling, hitch hiking, or any other kind of travelling, you should have a basic first aid kit. We would like to share with you our approach to compiling a medical kit, taking into account that cycling can become extreme at times and one has to be ready for an unexpected emergency.

We took the following medicine in our journey:

  • Activated charcoal tablets for food poisoning. We used it only once or twice in India and Nepal. These are the countries where nearly every traveler normally has problems with stomach.
  • Analgin tablets – in case of a headache, toothache or any other pain of that type, but we haven’t taken it during this journey so far.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – an important antiseptic in case of any superficial wounds. We applied it several times for minor scratches and cuts. Fortunately, there we haven’t had any serious wounds.
  • Sterile dressing materials: roller bandages, cotton, elastic and adhesive bandages, knee and elbow supports, out of which we used a lot of bandages and plasters when Volodia had an abscess. We mentioned this case in our blog.
  • We also have iodine, which is good to use for small cuts and scratches. We applied it around Volodia’s abscess too.
  • Learning from experience of our previous expeditions, we also take Furacilin tablets to make a solution in case we need to rinse and clean a wound.
  • Remedy for a cold – you can find a broad variety of them, but right now we have Indian tablets “Action 500”. We had caught cold several times and not only in countries with cold climate, but even in the tropics. We normally do not take pills immediately and let our organisms overcome the illness without medicine.
  • In case of fever, we have Paracetamol tablets, which we bought in Moldova when Yaryna caught cold, but haven’t used them since.
  • When Volodia was struggling to treat a small wound caused by a scratch, which couldn’t heal because of humid and torrid climate, our friends from Thailand gave us Pises Powder, an effective powder for wound healing.
  • We were carrying “Poltava Bischofite” cream for joints all way from Ukraine to Indonesia. We were advised to apply it on knees as far as they are strained a lot, but we haven’t used it and decided not to take it to Australia.
  • We needed to take eye drops the other day. Something got into Volodia’s eye during cycling and caused severe pain. Learning from this experience, we strongly suggest to have sunglasses on while cycling.
  • Pantenol is an important remedy which we should have taken, but somehow didn’t.

This is our comprehensive list of medicine. Remember that either when you set off for a journey or lead your everyday life, you alone are responsible for your health, so don’t forget to make sure that there is all necessary medicine in your first aid kit. We heartily wish you safe journey and hope you won’t have a chance to take any of the medicine from your first aid kit.