Volodya, as our journey initiator and a team leader, had taken responsibility for planning the expedition route, setting timelines, choosing and buying necessary travel gear long before the journey started. Volodya takes care of absolutely all equipment which we carry with us: bicycles, photo-video-audio equipment, electrical appliances and musical instruments. If anything brakes, he repairs it on his own or finds the way to deal with issues.

Volodya is a navigator, which means that he follows the map, GPS and compass, so that we don’t get lost. He is also a cameraman. All videos from the journey which you can watch on “Two-wheeled Chrocles” Youtube channel were shot and edited by Volodya. I shot only several episodes.

I, being a woman, am responsible for our nutrition. Although Volodya helps me with coking on the road and does the washing up more often, I am the one who buys all necessary products and makes sure we don’t run out of food, especially when covering long distances in deserted locations. I also take care of our budget. Volodya always provides us with water.

I am also responsible for the first aid kit, keep it filled with all necessary medicine.

If any clothes get torn, which is inevitable during the journey, I have a needle, threads and whatever is necessary – it’s a woman’s domain, anyway.

A lot of issues which come up during the journey we resolve together – obtaining visas, communicating with Ukrainian embassies and consulates, and organizing concerts.

We do a lot of everyday journey chores together, but even they can be shared between two of us. I can easily make a list of Volodya’s activities and mine. That’s why, every time we get down to any task it goes smoothly and quickly. We know exactly who does what and in which order. Here is the example. When we stop to cook lunch, Volodya immediately starts picking wood for our backpacking stove, meanwhile I take out the cookset and begin preparing the ingredients. Soon Volodya is ready with the stove and I put the pot on the heat and go on cooking. Volodya watches fire and helps me. In the evening, when we are getting ready for the night and set the tent, we both put the necessary stuff inside the tent and then I unpack it and make our tent ready for the night as Volodya is outside, arranging bicycles and luggage under the rain cover. It takes 10 minutes to pitch the camp.

Finally, a friendly word of advice from Folknery. In a journey, as well as in everyday life, try to heed to your travelling companion. Share the responsibilities wisely and fairly, so they don’t become a burden to anyone. Though it is necessary to know personal responsibilities, always remember that you are travelling together, and try to deal with any problems together, remember to help and mutually support. Then a journey will become your life, and your life will turn into a great journey with close people.

Yaryna Kvitka