Who are we?

Hi! We are Volodymyr, Yaryna and Marko, a traveling family, Youtube bloggers and musicians. We travel as ​“Two-wheeled Chronicles” project and play music as ​“Folknery”​.
We are currently on a round-the-world cycling journey. The first stage of this expedition covered 25 000 km through 13 countries, lasted for 17 months (2014-2016) and finished in Syndey, Australia. Our son Marko, a new team member, was born during the journey. And now we continue our trip together to cover another part of the world.
Two-wheeled Chronicles is our cultural cycling project. It is a series of journeys around the globe aimed at researching cultures of various peoples and spreading Ukrainian culture. It combines two most favorite activities of our life: music and travelling.
Starting from 2010, we have made 6 big cycling expeditions having covered 30 countries and more than 40 000 km.

Why do we travel?

We do so not only because journeys develop, strengthen, and inspire us, provide power and self-esteem, enrich us with understanding things to which we do not pay much attention being at home… But also to show that travelling is open to everyone who strives for it, regardless of social status, income, family obligations and other “restrictions”; to show that travelling is no more dangerous than cooking omelet in your own kitchen.

How do we travel?

We travel around the world by bicycle, because it is an eco-friendly method of transportation; spend most nights in the tent, because we want to be closer to nature; cycle throughout entire countries, not only via their capital cities; we look for non-glamorous tourist-free locations to be closer to ordinary people; always eat local food, even if it’s fried cockroaches; adore adventures and unusual routes; we are not afraid to sleep in a tent at -8 °C, we are not disgusted to drink water fron the Ganges, and we smile back being asked thousands of times for a selfie. We do not pursue world records or grand titles, we just enjoy to the full all moments of life in our journeys.

We always take musical instruments to play Ukrainian folk music in other countries and tell about our homeland. While travelling we collect and record folklore of different peoples, because we believe that it comprises the soul of a nation and should be kept alive eternally.

Why bicycle?

A bicycle isn’t just a method of transportation. Nowadays in Ukraine, it symbolizes things which are crucial for spiritual and physical renewal of the nation, its new mentality and life. A bicycle means preferring simple and useful things to excessive luxury. A bicycle means public officers cycling to work instead of going in an armored car because they are not afraid of people. A bicycle means a physically healthy nation. A bicycle means undamaged ecology and fresh air.

Our team